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Thank You for putting Bible verses on your website.  Especially Acts 2:39.  It is such a blessing to see a large company that is not ashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am a School Bus driver who came onto your website to see what a part looks like that Cummins is repairing on our School Bus in Fort Worth, TX.  What a pleasant surprise to see scripture alongside motor parts.
Thanks again.  May God bless your company for your righteous stand!
S G Ward



Early DT-466 & 530 1993-1997 PLN


Cylinder Block Components



Part Details Click On Part# or Use Search Box  
1 79AX57X PLUG(7/8in)   N373553R1,
1 79AX63 PLUG(13/16in) N327412R1
2 343464R1 TUBE,Oil Cooling    
3 79AX71 PLUG(1-1/4in)   N23623R1
4 680117C3 SET,CamShaft Bearing    
5 1815674C1 LINER,Cylinder    
6 1822322C92 KIT,O-Ring & Seal Includes O-Ring (1)421212 Seal (1)421213    
7 1842115C1 SEAL,Liner
8 1817633C2 O-RING,Liner    
9 1823356C91 KIT,Shim Liner Includes Shims (2)462031 (2)462032 (1)462033 (1)462034 (2)462035
10 444618 PLUG(1/4in)    
11 49AX230 PLUG(1/8in)   N444688,
12 682444C1 RING,Seal(Rear)    
13 49AX234Z PLUG(1/2in)   N445751
14 444613 PLUG(1/8in)    
15 1827078C2 BOLT,Flanged(15mm x 2.0 x 144mm)
15 1817356C1 BOLT,Flanged
16 1820396C2 GAUGE,Oil Level(Front Sump)    
16 1820953C2 GAUGE,Oil Level(Rear Sump)    
17 1841974C1 GASKET,Rear Seal   N1824911C1
18 1826587C1 GASKET,Oil Pan    
19 39AX21 WASHER,Drain Plug   N1822054C1
20 1825504C1 PLUG,Drain    
21 N/A KIT,Oil Pan Gasket Includes (1)431252 (1)431253    
22 1816722C2 GASKET,Oil Pick-up    
23 327411R1 PLUG(5/8in)    

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